January 15, 2018

Open calls


Are you looking to expand your horizons, make a positive impact, and gain invaluable experience all at the same time? CODEC vzw is thrilled to invite you to be a part of our upcoming Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects. We are hosting organisation for Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs and we have Quality Label for European Solidarity Corps. 

How to Apply? –  To get started, simply fill out the application form available on our website or send an email expressing your interest along with your CV to codec.europe@gmail.com.


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If you are interested in applying for several placements, please send us separate motivation letters for every project you are interested in applying for.

We have various types of projects in different domains, including but not limited to:
Youth Exchanges
Training and Networking
International volunteering experiences
Internships and Apprenticeships

🌍 Global Exposure: Erasmus+ projects offer a unique opportunity to connect with peers from around the globe, allowing you to broaden your cultural understanding and build a strong network.🛠 Skill Development: Both Erasmus+ and ESC projects are designed to equip you with essential skills that will serve you in your future academic and professional life. From leadership and teamwork to problem-solving and intercultural competence, the learning opportunities are limitless.🤝 Community Service: ESC projects focus on volunteering activities that make a meaningful contribution to communities across Europe. Be a force for change and inspire those around you.