December 14, 2023

Communication and Dissemination

Promoting your results -Fulfil your obligations and boost your visibility

CODEC provides specialized support in developing comprehensive dissemination and communication plans to ensure your European funded project achieves maximum visibility and impact.

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  • Stakeholder Management and Engagement Plan: Strategy to manage and involve key project stakeholders effectively.
  • Dissemination Plan: Detailed strategy for sharing project-related information with the intended audience. 
  • Email Marketing Campaigns: Using emails to market and share project information, creating specific templates for various purposes.

Establishing a unique visual style for the project, including key visual elements, logo, color palette, and typeface. This include next points:

  • Creating a main graphic or image that becomes synonymous with the brand or project.
  • Designing a logo, which is a symbol or graphic mark used to identify the organization or project.
  • Delecting a set of colors that will be used consistently across all branding and communication materials.
  • Choosing a specific typeface or set of typefaces for use in all written communications.
  • Creating templates for commonly used documents and presentations (Word/Excel documents, PPT presentation, Deliverables, Meeting minutes)

Various tools and methods for promoting the project, including a web page with SEO strategy, flyers, posters, newsletters, and roll-ups.

  • SEO Strategy.
  • Flyer, Poster, E-Newsletter Designing.
  • Roll-Up Banners.

  • Engaging audiences through platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitter. 
  • Comprehensive suite of activities tailored to enhance presence, engagement, and impact on various social media platforms.

Assistance in organizing various types of events, such as conferences, trade fairs, workshops, webinars, multiplier events, information days, and end-of-project meetings.

  • Planning: Crafting the event’s vision, objectives, and content.
  • Logistics: Handling venue, transport, food, tech, and other event needs. Ensuring event success through coordination and problem-solving.
  • Budgeting: Overseeing event finances.
  • Anticipating and mitigating potential event challenges.

  • Broadcasting events in real-time over the internet to a remote audience.
  • Videography & Drones: Creating dynamic, high-quality videos with editing, color grading, and licensed music, including aerial footage from drones.
  • Photography & Aerial Shots: Taking professional-grade photos from the ground and sky.
  • Virtual Tours: Interactive, virtual experiences allowing people to explore spaces or events online.

Managing influencer partnerships, press releases, and local media articles to boost media visibility.

  • Teaming up with popular social media figures to promote messages.
  • Developing compelling announcements detailing project highlights and objectives.
  • Crafting articles for local publications, focused on the project’s local impact.