December 14, 2023

Our services

As an experienced NGO supporting European project funding for over 10 years. Our staff is highly experienced in the field of European funded projects. Based on this knowledge and expertise, we are introducing our services/ activities for beneficiaries of European funding including businesses, institutions, non-profit organisations and governmental stakeholders. We are focusing on delivery the services on 2 pillars:

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Communication and Dissemination

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Project Management

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Conference Services

We specialize in organizing scientific and professional events, including conferences, meetings, and workshops. We offer special hotel rates, expertise in European dining options, and marketing skills. Experienced in managing EU-funded projects, we ensure events comply with EC guidelines and provide budget-friendly solutions to create successful and enjoyable experiences. 

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Team-building activities

These team-building packages offer everything from single-day workplace activities to multi-day luxury villa retreats. All include fun, customized activities with a professional facilitator, snacks, and drinks. Longer retreats add meals and transportation, catering to various team-building needs.

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With our extensive experience in EU project implementation and deep expertise across communication and project management, CODEC is your ideal partner for planning, publicizing, managing, and successfully delivering your European funded initiatives.

Natalia Roelofs