“Youth 4 Cul/future”

Title “Youth 4 Cul/future”
Programme Erasmus+ : Capacity Building project with Eastern Partnership Countries
Summary The project aims to develop an educative innovative pathway for boosting employability potential of NEETs throughout creative and cultural entrepreneurship education (‘c/c-e’). Our project will deliver structured innovative approach towards educating youth on how to integrate entrepreneurship within the development of creative practices and to bring a creative approach to the development of new social businesses. Throughout project activities we will support unemployed youth in their ability to create innovation and provide them with entrepreneurial skills and attributes to commercialize their creative & cultural knowledge. Both youth workers & young people participating in the project will get theoretical knowledge on cultural economy & creative initiatives and develop techniques to move their creative & critical thinking to entrepreneurial thinking.
Project number 602180-EPP-1-2018-1-BE- EPPKA2- CBYACPALA